Green Heron

by | Apr 2022

Green Heron

Photo: Andrea Anderson

Camouflage doesn’t hide this heron’s beauty.

“I was walking home with my daughter after paddleboarding and just happened to notice it in among the cattails. What struck me was the coloring of the eye and the shadows cast by the cattails. Green herons have such good camouflage. My suggestion for others photographing wildlife is: Bring your camera with you as much as possible. You never know when the opportunity will arise. I bring my camera on the [Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail], Carver Park [Reserve] and on my paddleboard often. (I have a waterproof bag when on water.)” —Andrea Anderson of Excelsior

Photographer: Andrea Anderson
Title: Green Heron
Equipment: Canon SX 60
Location: The boggy area near Crescent Beach in Tonka Bay


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