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by | Mar 2024

Props: The Foundry Home Goods @thefoundryhomegoods. Photo: Chris Emeott

Props: The Foundry Home Goods. Instagram: @thefoundryhomegoods. Photo: Chris Emeott

Women teach others how to listen to their intuition.

Sharon Pawlak knew there was something special about Lana Gendlin Brooks and Karina Muller from the moment she laid eyes on their HeartCentric Divine Creations booth at an event for Hope Chest for Breast Cancer, which helps address financial needs for breast cancer patients and their families. “I could just read the energy, and it was positive,” she says.

Lana Gendlin Brooks and Karina Muller

Lana Gendlin Brooks and Karina Muller. Photo: HeartCentric Divine Creations

As a health coach, the Minnetonka Beach resident was no stranger to the idea of intuition or the process of connecting with it, but she was drawn to the eye-catching pendulums Gendlin Brooks and Muller have created to help people tune into their own intuition. “I was visually energized,” Pawlak says. “I love beautiful things.”

Gendlin Brooks and Muller use crystals and gemstones to handcraft one-of-a-kind pendulums that they say can be used with a person’s energy to tap into the subconscious. “We’re on a mission to bring them to the masses,” says Gendlin Brooks of Minnetonka. “The pendulum is an ancient tool,” says Muller of Long Lake. “A valuable and useful tool.”

“It’s the tool; you’re the vessel,” Gendlin Brooks says. She explains that the pendulum works via ideomotor reflex. According to her, when a question is posed by the pendulum holder, the subconscious sends signals to the arm triggering tiny, imperceptible movements that sets the pendulum swinging in a certain motion. Any weight on a string can be used as a pendulum.

Props: Olio Vintage LLC InstagramL @olio.mpls. Photos: Chris Emeott

Props: Olio Vintage LLC. Instagram @olio.mpls. Photos: Chris Emeott

Pawlak says she uses her pendulums in a “variety of different situations,” posing questions about everything from her relationships to her business endeavors. For the most part, the pendulum confirms what Pawlak’s intuition has already told her. “It helps me knowing I’m on the right path,” she says.

Gendlin Brooks has asked her pendulum small things, from what drink to order or what paint color to use all the way to major life decisions. There are no limits to what one can ask, but Gendlin Brooks and Muller recommend that users approach the experience with an open heart, ready to consider all the possibilities. “Make it about yourself and your own highest good,” Muller says.

Learning to tap into your intuition is a practice, Gendlin Brooks and Muller say, but it can provide powerful clarity. “When we source our own answers, we’re more likely to act on them,” Muller says. “Intuition is really your superpower.”

Gendlin Brooks and Muller have seen interest in their pendulums grow tremendously, since they started selling them as part of their HeartCentric Coaching Collaborative business. “People are so hungry,” Muller says. “They want to learn.”

The women sell their pendulums at events and can be booked for speaking engagements as well as for Pendulum and Prosecco parties. (They also wrote Pendulums & Intuition, available at llewellyn.com.) Pendulums range from $88 to $150 (which can also be purchased on the website), and custom orders are accepted. “We don’t really sell the pendulums,” Muller says. “They sell themselves.”

Pawlak’s first pendulum purchase was named Purple Rain and featured silver beads, purple crystals and blue sandstone. She later selected a second pendulum called Healing Circles with a large piece of quartz and a series of circles. “They’re beautiful,” she says.

Gendlin Brooks and Muller love watching people find a pendulum that speaks to them. “We trust that the right ones will find the right hands,” Gendlin Brooks says. “It never gets old to see someone connect.”

Teaching someone to use one brings even more fulfillment for the duo. “This is what feeds us,” Muller says. “We’re so hooked on helping people lead a joyous, happy life.”

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