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by | Mar 2022

Lux by Minne Momma

Photos: Chris Emeott

Designer reimagines luxury jewelry with stellar results.

Diversifying the jewelry industry and making high fashion brands more accessible is the mission of Minnetonka resident Becca Stein, owner of Lux by Minne Momma.

Crafting affordable versions of designer jewelry, Stein says she began her business as a way to help others fulfill their dreams of owning luxury pieces. Sourcing her inventory, including designer bag charms, keychains and buttons, from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior, she repurposes these treasures into new necklaces, bracelets and earrings. “I create authentic items without the astronomical price,” she says.

As one who has always had an affinity for jewelry, Stein says Lux by Minne Momma was a way of combining all of her interests. “I love making people feel handsome or pretty and putting a smile on their face,” she says. With a background as a former graphic designer for a local jewelry store, Stein says her old role and her new endeavor with Lux represents, “The best of both worlds.”

Becca Stein, owner of Lux by Minne Momma

Becca Stein, owner of Lux by Minne Momma

Gifted a vintage ring that wasn’t her style, Stein was inspired to transform it into a necklace to get some wear out of it. Satisfying her knack for creativity, she realized that she could do more. However, she needed to find a means of distinguishing herself as a designer.

Sourcing her pendants through a variety of vintage and secondhand vendors that specialized in authenticating designer pieces, she began to collect luxury hardware. Though all designers are desired, Stein finds herself sourcing a lot of Louis Vuitton and Chanel pieces. For Louis Vuitton, she says the market for more unique pieces is far vaster as the brand tends to feed into seasonal fads and trending color schemes, creating a wider audience. Because of this, there is more variety and an ever-changing uniqueness to the inventory. Whereas brands like Chanel opt for a more dainty, classic and versatile approach to design, she says.

Necklaces from Lux by Minne Momma

Uncovering a variety of shapes, colors and styles adds to the uniqueness of her one-of-a-kind creations. “They are very affordable, but they are also timeless and speak for themselves,” customer Natallia West says. “They are subtle, and that brings value to me.” For customers, this versatility is also what keeps them coming back for more products. “Not only have I purchased two pieces for myself, I have gotten three other pieces for close friends,” Lacey Gale says. “I can honestly say that I frequent her site at a minimum [of] three times per week and will continue to purchase her stellar designs.”

Necklaces from Lux by Minne Momma

With a passion for creating jewelry, Stein has also experimented with repurposing bags and has plans to venture into new realms, including hair accessories (i.e., bows and headbands) and baby items.

Additional information is available at luxbyminnemomma.com or by emailing luxbyminnemomma@gmail.com.

Lux by Minne Momma
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