How to Take the Stress Out of Traveling with Kids

by | May 2019

A couple on vacation with their child walks through a river.


A family trip doesn’t have to be a headache.

You’ve heard it, and maybe even said it: “A trip with kids is not a vacation.” Well, we dare to propose a different mindset. First, recognize that travel isn’t always associated with relaxation—instead, the goal is to reenergize and broaden your perspective. It’s time away from the daily routine: the laundry, homework, sports and the zillion other to-dos. Without all of those mundane tasks weighing on our minds, we are completely present. Imagine that! We are deepening bonds, shaping our brains and getting the kids away from screens. A family trip doesn’t need to be extravagant; try camping an hour away or visiting one of our glorious national parks. Of course, don’t forget a blueprint, especially with kids. The unexpected always happens, but when we go prepared with where we want to spend our precious time and energy, we have more meaningful and memorable experiences and we are all so much happier.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. Roy Krengel owns Krengel Dental. They share travel insights in this column, with their globetrotting kids Liam (12), Ella (12) and Rafi (8).


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