‘I Love the Energy’: Community Connects with Wayzata Wellness Studio

by | Jun 2019

A salt cave therapy room at The Whispering Cave.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

The Whispering Cave offers salt therapy and more.

The Whispering Cave calls itself a “sacred salt sanctuary,” and it’s a place for clients to connect with their bodies—including all of their senses. Co-owner Greta Walch says, “One of the first things we often hear from newcomers is, ‘It smells so good in here!’ and, ‘I love the energy in your space.’” The Whispering Cave offers salt cave therapy (traditionally from eastern Europe, and now enjoying trending popularity in the U.S.), where clients relax or meditate while a generator pumps dry aerosol, therapeutic-grade salt into the air. Enthusiasts say it can help reduce stress and improve respiratory symptoms.

Walch and co-owner Michelle Henkel also offer yoga, barre classes, Reiki, Thai bodywork and other services. “It’s our goal to make guests feel supported and nurtured so they can relax, restore and build their strength from within,” say Walch and Henkel. “What sets us apart? Our strong sense of community, coupled with the deeply meaningful practices of yoga and meditation. [It’s] a place to connect to your inner world in order to better function in the outer world.”

The friends had been leading local wellness retreats and events in 2016, and they soon decided to open their own studio. The Whispering Cave opened in Wayzata in 2018. “The reception from the community has been amazing,” Walch says. “We feel so welcomed and at home. We’re members of the [chamber of commerce] and have participated in some community events like the Art Experience and James J. Hill Days.”

The Whispering Cave
240 Minnetonka Ave. S., Wayzata
Facebook: The Whispering Cave
Instagram: @thewhisperingcave


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