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by | Jan 2024

Kindl Coaching

Casie Kindl. Photos: Kindl Coaching

Rewriting home and work narratives can lead to a better life story.

Wayzata resident Casie Kindl is telling people to stop giving 110 percent. “Doing less is still good enough,” she says—because letting go is essential to preserve who we are.

Through Kindl Coaching, she guides clients to set realistic expectations. “The people I coach are juggling a lot. They’re accomplished at work, busy with kids and caring for elderly parents, but few have boundaries, and that leaves them exhausted,” she says.

Kindl understands what others are going through. She spent 20 years in the corporate grind that left her feeling empty. To find clarity and balance, she dedicated time to self-discovery and healing. “My personal growth journey allowed me to shift from black-and-white thinking—either I have to do an amazing job, or I’m going to get fired,” she says.

As a result, Kindl started to play more in the gray and do less, which resulted in a healthier balance. What she’s learned is that there are creative ways to achieve balance, and the change doesn’t have to be drastic.

“We expect too much of ourselves at work,” she says. “We show up with very high expectations that are unachievable.”

Kindl Coaching provides one-on-one coaching to help clients define their strengths and discover clarity.

Kindl Coaching provides one-on-one coaching to help clients define their strengths and discover clarity.

Crystal Chopp was at a crossroad when she heard about Kindl Coaching. She has a fulfilling career as a dentist and runs Ely Family Dental, but her role as a first-time boss coincided with a messy divorce. Chopp wanted to reclaim joy in her life and signed up for six months of personal coaching sessions. Chopp says having a personal coach was the most enlightening and empowering experience she’s ever gone through. “Casie helped me dig deep, find that core person who I’ve always been, and let that part bloom and grow,” she says.

Kindl’s clients agree that her coaching style leads to self-reflection in ways they couldn’t have discovered alone. Dennis Gonzales, PhD., is a health care executive, who Kindl coached. He believes it’s important to give permission to invest in yourself. “We spend $10,000 on a mattress, $80,000 on a car or go out to dinner and blow $300,” Gonzales says. He continues to say, “What we think the issue is, is only a symptom, and it’s really not the issue.” Working with a leadership coach can help clients dig deeper and find the heart of an issue.

Minnetonka Beach resident Kristen Ainsworth is a biotechnology executive, who recently left a fast-paced job. She wanted to refocus after a significant milestone birthday. “It’s one of those milestones that get you thinking about the second half of life, and my goal is to crush the second half,” she says.

Kristen Ainsworth

Kristen Ainsworth

During the 12-week group coaching session, Ainsworth said the Energy Leadership Index Assessment was a turning point for her. The assessment is fundamental to Kindl’s coaching program and a tool that shows how participants view and perceive their world.

Ainsworth learned that her dominant energy focus is concern for others. It’s a very selfless energy level that can lead to burnout and fatigue.

She enjoyed being part of a wonderfully supportive community of women. “Regardless of everyone’s scenario, we all have common things that we’re working on and can all relate to,” she says.

Group coaching includes weekly individual activities and bimonthly group sessions. Ainsworth says that over the 12 weeks, she started to draw things out that she probably knew all along but didn’t necessarily realize.

Comradery in group settings can be an important element with Kindl Coaching.

Comradery in group settings can be an important element with Kindl Coaching.

Kindl is a certified professional coach, accredited through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, specializing in leadership and well-being. She’s working toward the highest coaching accreditation through the International Coaching Federation as an associate certified coach.

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