LAGO Creates Coasters Perfect for Boating

by | May 2024

LAGO Drink Coasters

Gift Alert: Consider LAGO for Mother’s Day, bridal showers, cabin warming or some self-gifting. Photo: LAGO

Who knew that a sunset boat ride around Lake Minnetonka, complete with Aperol Spritzes, would lead to a product launch—meet LAGO.

During a cruise on the water, Krista Panosian says she and her friend (later business cofounder) asked themselves, “Why isn’t there something to steady our stemmed glasses, giving us a chance to put them down, pace our sips and truly soak in the moment?”

“We wanted to enjoy our drinks without the worry of a spill or, worse, breaking a good glass,” Panosian says. “Sure, we could’ve used those insulated mugs, but let’s be real—a drink just hits different in the right glass.”

LAGO features sand-filled “bags” made of marine fabric with a unique shape (sand dollar vibes), providing spaces for stemmed glasses to “park” and avoid spillage. “It’s perfect for ensuring your drinks stay put, whether you’re on a boat battling the waves, enjoying a windy picnic or relaxing at a beach barbecue,” Panosian says. “Its stability works wonders on uneven grounds or even soft surfaces. Believe it or not, one of our customers even took LAGO up in the air on their plane …” Take them indoors, too, to keep beverages safer on soft furniture or during lively gatherings.

While they come in four standard colors, limited edition colors will be released throughout the year with themes around months of the year and occasions (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.). Find them for $50 each at This might be the answer to: “What should we get mom for Mother’s Day?”

Keep a look out for more products from this emerging business.

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