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by | Oct 2020

A patient receives acupuncture treatment at Balanced Being in Excelsior.

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Acupuncture and holistic wellness clinic Balanced Being provides equilibrium.

For finding a balance between yin and yang in your life, the health of the body (physically and mentally) revolves around its interactions with the surrounding environment.

As a means of balancing your body’s energy (known as qi), Chinese medicine focuses on finding moderation in your lifestyle to offset negative effects of certain habits that could otherwise lead to disease, illness or chronic conditions.

Balanced Being Cupping

What sets Chinese medicine apart from Western medicine is the focus beyond the body. Western practices focus on the anatomy of the human body, down to the cells, whereas, Chinese medicine embodies the synergistic energy of a person and their lifestyle as a preventative measure for future living.

At local acupuncture and holistic wellness clinic Balanced Being, providers specialize in treating chronic pain, anything from headaches to muscular movements, through Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary therapy and cranio sacral therapy).

Founder, acupuncturist, herbalist and cranio sacral therapist Alexis Hileman began her journey in the Navy as a Chinese linguist for just over 11 years. When she became chronically sick during her service, she was unable to work due to the number of medical appointments she had to go to. Under numerous narcotics and other medications, Hileman found the only true solution to her pain was acupuncture.

After an unresolved case related to her condition, she was medically discharged from the Navy. With her increased interest in healthier alternatives to her pain, Hileman listened to her body to manage stress and maintain a healthy diet, eventually leading her to get off of all her medications.

“It changed my life completely,” Hileman says. “I used to live by the military mentality of getting the mission done no matter the cost. I had to learn to start listening to my body and giving myself permission to slow down when I needed to.”

After her personal shift in her well-being, Hileman knew that she wanted to share her experience with others, thus beginning her career as an acupuncturist.

While attending Northwestern Health Sciences University for a master’s degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Hileman gained hands-on experience as an intern at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, St. Francis Hospital and Woodwinds Hospital.

“I always wanted a career that had a positive impact on my community and made the world a better place. Being an acupuncturist allows me to do that,” Hileman says.

With a desire to educate and heal her community, Hileman hopes to expand Balanced Being by having multiple holistic professionals collaborating together to provide top-notch care to those in need.

Techniques Used in These Chinese Practices:
  • Fire cupping
  • Gusha, Tuina
  • Electro stimulation
  • Percussion massage
  • Kinesiology taping

Balanced Being Acupuncture
261 School Ave., Suite 220, Excelsior
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