Meet Excelsior Mayor Todd Carlson

Excelsior Mayor Todd Carlson
A lightning round of questions with Excelsior mayor Todd Carlson.

We asked Excelsior mayor Todd Carlson to weigh in on his move to town, his favorite local spots, and a few historical Excelsior highlights.

How long have you lived in Excelsior?
My wife Alicia and I moved our family to Excelsior in April of 2013 ... We have always loved the small-town character and charm of Excelsior ... We have two boys, Reece and Noah. We also recently added a Weimaraner puppy to our household. His name is Bogart (Bogie).

What inspired you to get involved in local government?
I have always believed in trying to make a difference wherever I have lived. I enjoy public service and I like to give back. As mayor, my goal is to work to make Excelsior “the destination” to work, live and play while maintaining the [city’s charm].

Favorite hobby?
Winemaking, biking and working in the yard/garden/my mini vineyard.

Favorite food?
King crab. I spent one summer during college working in Juneau, Alaska.

Favorite winter activity?
Whether it is running, walking, building snowmen with my boys, or pulling them on a toboggan down the middle of Water Street late at night, I love the snow.

Best kept secret of Excelsior?
History. Many of the homes in my neighborhood were actually relocated from other areas of Excelsior (mine included). In addition, the home I am living in was also the home to one of Excelsior’s former mayors, Elmer Bardwell, and the Excelsior water tower used to be right in my backyard.