Oriole Near the Minnehaha Spillway on Grays Bay

by | Apr 2024

Oriole by Joseph Syfko

Photo: Joseph Syfko

Home construction is brought to new heights.

“I was watching the orioles searching for nesting materials and noticed one particular area of interest for them,” Joe Syfko says. “This allowed me an opportunity to get close but not interfere with their activities.”

“I love the colors of this shy bird—never realized they were so beautiful,” the Minnetonka resident says.

For those interested in photographing wildlife, Syfko recommends going out in the morning to take advantage of the early light and notes that a bit of patience can also go a long way in securing the best image.

Photographer: Joe Syfko
Title: Oriole
Equipment: Canon EOS 60D with 200mm lens
Location: Near the Minnehaha spillway on Grays Bay
Category: Wildlife
Award: Second Place


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