Pack Up the Entire Family For Your Next Trip

by | Apr 2021

Purebred dog breed sennenhund rides in the car. Transportation of large animals. Bernese Mountain dog is waiting for the owner to return.


Pet-friendly travel is on the rise, and, thankfully, it’s becoming easier and easier. While we have not flown with our dog, we did bring her on a 24-plus hour road trip. It’s very feasible with a little extra planning.

For me, travel usually involves good food, so that was the most challenging—wanting to stop at a yummy restaurant and realizing that we had the dog in tow. More and more restaurants are offering dog-friendly dining, whether it’s patio spaces or under tents, so do your research. Additionally, there are plenty of pet-friendly accommodations (hotel, rental or campsite), and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice comfort.

Our dog loves being included in our adventures. If your pet does, too, preplan activities, including visits to hiking trails or beaches. 

Ask your vet about what is needed for your pet, depending on your mode of transportation. (Be prepared in case your dog doesn’t do well in a plane, car or any other type of transportation.) Consider the need for a travel kennel, collapsible bowls for water, food and treats and other equipment or safety items. If you’re road-tripping and need to make a stop, plan on a little extra time to let your pet roam and stretch its legs, so don’t forget a leash.

Many people find comfort in traveling with their fur baby, and with the right planning and prep, it can be a paw-some (oh, yes I did!) adventure.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. She shares travel tips and insights in this column, writing with husband, Roy, and globetrotting kids Liam, Ella and Rafi.


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