Perfect Honey and Cheese Pairings from Ames Farm

by | Apr 2019

Balanced Meal with Honey, Bee-utiful Terroir

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

This article originally appeared as part of the story Bee-utiful Terroir in the April 2019 issue. To find out how you can help struggling bee populations, click here.

Single-source honey takes on a strong, specific flavor depending on the season and location in which it’s harvested—and what plant pollen the bees were snacking on as they produced it. So just like certain wines go better with particular cheeses, Ames Farm’s honeys do the same. Use these suggestions for creating a simple, delicious snack, or add meat or bread to round out a beautifully balanced meal.

Early-season honeys (alfalfa and sweet clover) go well with strong, sharp cheeses. We’re feelin’ blue.

Flavorful, aromatic honeys (buckwheat and basswood) go well with soft-ripened cheeses. Try brie or Camembert.

Savory honeys reminiscent of mid-summer flowers and wetlands (like Dutch clover and fall wildflower) do well with hard alpine cheeses. Try manchego, pecorino, or Gouda.

Check out for a full list of cheese and honey pairings—plus a line-up of retailers carrying Ames Farm products coast to coast.

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