A Q&A with Lake Minnetonka’s Best Dental Practice

by | Jul 2019

A boy brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush.


We reached out to Wayzata Family Dentistry to get their answers to a few questions about caring for your smile and choosing a dentist.

Direct-to-consumer products are everywhere these days, from razors to meal kits. But even with the DIY dental products you might be seeing all over social media, there’s no replacing the expertise of the dentistry pros. That’s why we reached out to Wayzata Family Dentistry, which is celebrating its 18th year in the community, to get their answers to a few questions about caring for your smile and choosing a dentist.

Q: What’s one simple thing all people can do to take better care of their teeth?
A: We are big advocates of electric toothbrushes. Most have a built-in two-minute timer, which helps patients ensure they are brushing their teeth and gums properly.

Q: What should people look for when choosing a new dentist?
A: Consistency of care is important in order to develop a trusting relationship with your dental office. We pride ourselves that most of our staff have been together our entire 18 years in practice. When our patients see the same dentists, hygienists and assistants over the years, it enables us to really get to know them well and understand their unique dental needs and goals.

Q: Why do you think your clients voted for you in our Best of Lake Minnetonka 2019 survey?
A: We pride ourselves on getting to know our patients well, and we take the time to explain what can be done to improve the health of their teeth.

Q: What’s your favorite part of your job?
A: Our community is full of great people that we have been fortunate to care for over many years. It’s fun when you get to see four generations of one family.


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