The Rose Code

by | Oct 2021

The Rose Code

Follow the work and love lives of three British women.

Fans of WWII historical fiction, take note—The Rose Code by Kate Quinn is set on the British home front during WWII and follows three young women, who work at the highly-classified Bletchley Park.

Osla, Mab and Beth are codebreakers, working to unravel the codes used by the Axis powers to help the Allied war effort, and, while they are each very different, they form a strong friendship as they balance the stress of their high-stakes work and the new personal and romantic relationships that form
in their years at Bletchley Park.

Quinn fluidly alternates between wartime and post-war storylines to keep readers guessing about what led to the betrayals that tore apart the women’s bond and provide resolution to a nicely-woven mystery.

This is a great title for readers, who enjoy surprising real history that is balanced out with engaging characters and plot lines.

Raela Schoenherr is an editor at a Minnesota publishing company. Find her on Twitter at @raelaschoenherr.


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