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There are times when I am preparing articles for these pages or our sister publications throughout the Metro that a story will give me pause—whether it is the topic that steps to the fore, a quote that particularly resonates or the sources themselves who strike a chord. 

This issue is dedicated to beauty and style. And what is wonderful about those notions is that they can move away from conventional norms and embrace expanding ideas of what falls into the folds of “beauty and style.”

This month, there two articles—very different in nature—that encouraged me to pause and consider a few perspectives through a different lens. 

In Gray’s Anatomy, we take a look at the growing number of women who are embracing their gray hair by ending the constant cycle of hair coloring. Earth-shattering news? Not particularly, but it’s interesting to hear that more and more women have turned their backs on the idea that gray hair is somehow the antithesis of beauty, youth, vitality, etc. Connecting with what makes you feel senses of freedom and joy within yourself—now that’s beauty and style.

Click here for my interview with KSTP-TV’s Chris Egert. Some readers might recall the story of Egert’s below the knee amputation, which was performed about five years ago. As April marks National Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, we checked in with Egert and discovered how and why he decided to go public with his experience. “Since sharing my story, I’ve been contacted by hundreds of people and consulted dozens of others of what the amputation journey entails,” he says.

Sharing a difficult personal experience in the name of reaching out and helping others along the same path—now that’s beauty and style.

Until next month,

-Renée Stewart-Hester

Read the April 2022 digital edition.


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