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December 2021 Lake Minnetonka Magazine

Understandably, we tend to find ourselves buttoned up come wintertime—ensconced in our homes, snuggled up near a fire, cozied up in a favorite chair or, if ambition strikes, engaged in indoorsy endeavors. Admittedly, we are good at getting out on the ski and sled hills, off to outdoor community events and the like, but how much contact are we having with our neighbors? In fact, how well do you know your neighbors or fellow residents?

One of the themes of this month’s issue is giving back, and I’d like to introduce you to some area residents, who have found a sweet way to celebrate others in need of some affirmation frosted in kindness.

Anwen Eslinger of Mound was new to the area around the time the pandemic hit. While seeking out ways to connect with the community, she discovered For Goodness Cakes, which unites nationwide chapters of volunteer bakers, who bake birthday cakes for foster children and at-risk youth.

“I want [my daughters] to learn that doing good for strangers in your community doesn’t have to come with a thank you or anything—that doing good just for the sake of good is a kind and worthy act,” Eslinger says. 

The Uletts of Minnetonka also volunteer with For Goodness Cakes. “My daughter Reese is the baker,” says Lisa Ulett. “She likes to bake and wanted to help those in need celebrate their birthday.” The family has baked several cakes for the organization, which appreciates the time and effort volunteers mix into their altruistic endeavors.

Read more about the program and these volunteers in our article Baking a Difference.

Do you have a favorite birthday dessert? How does your family celebrate its annual milestones? Tell us!

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