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by | Oct 2022

Lake Minnetonka Magazine October 2022

Welcome, readers, to our Homes issue.

In these pages, you’ll find that both of our features highlight ways in which homeowners are putting their personal and intentional touches on their homes. From tending to needs that come with multigenerational living to embracing hobbies and special interests with at-home spaces, we offer an inside view into some ideas that you might find of interest for your own home.

We also take a look at how our outdoor spaces can affect our at-home experiences. We know that gardening and landscaping endeavors are of particular interest to you, and sometimes the best results come by way of a tabula rasa, of sorts—a clean slate when it comes to particularly troublesome vegetation. We have a local expert who provides a starting point.

Speaking of home—have you ever had a bout of homesickness, or did one of your kids come down with a case of it while away at camp or college? This time of year can be tricky and not just as Halloween comes knocking at our doors. For some college students, the proverbial bloom can be off the rose come October. The excitement of being away at college, meeting new people and experiencing new levels of freedom can run a little stale as the realities of coexisting with roommates, handling personal and financial situations, and keeping ahead of the academic curve can become a little haunting.

This is when a little touch of home can go a long way in curing what ails your college student. In our Tastemakers section, we offer ideas for a Halloween-inspired care package (We’re never too old for tricks and treats!) that features local goodies and some recipes for homemade treats.

Don’t forget to add an issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine into the box, so your far-from-home student can keep on top of what’s new and fun in this neck of the Metro.

Happy Halloween,

–Renée Stewart-Hester

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