Return Home with Beauty and Style Inspiration

by | May 2021


Photo: Mollie Krengel

Our beauty and style habits can get stuck in a rut. I love travel for so many reasons, including what it awakens in us. Travel can increase creativity, which has a significant impact on our beauty and style, among other things.

My husband, Roy, and I recently escaped to Miami for a few days. Our first stop was Mandolin Aegean Bistro, located in Miami’s design district. I got out of the car in my typical garb—Lululemon joggers, platform Teva sandals and a cropped sweatshirt, and I immediately noticed people dressed to the nines—white stiletto boots, designer sweatshirts and the like. My immediate reaction was that Miami is not my jam. I prefer down-to-earth, low-key style whether it’s my clothes, beauty routine or in my home.

While the ritzy glamour of Miami might never be my style, I will say that it grew on me. As we visited areas, including Wynwood—a cool, artsy neighborhood with incredible food, amazing street art and distinctive shopping, I realized that the city is filled with inspiration. In a diverse city, such as Miami, whether I realized I needed it or not, I felt excited and renewed in how I want to present and express myself through my beauty and style practices.

So, the next time you’re exploring a new city, take notice of how it shakes up your senses, unfolds new self-discoveries and rejuvenates your beauty and style regimen, long after you return home—that is until your next adventure.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business. Find her at


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