Revamp, Redesign and Refresh for the New Year

front entryway

Many people launch into the new year awash in hopes of change—a new exercise regimen, improved sleep routines or a break from social media—only to return to their old habits months later. One way to create a lasting and more gratifying change in 2022 is to redecorate your home, or even give a single room a much-needed facelift. We turned to Historic Studio, a local interior design firm, for inspiration.

Senior designer Sharon Seitz says when it comes to your home, “We all need change to become reenergized, otherwise everything remains stagnant.” Revamping your home’s interior can dramatically transform your living experience and allow you to see your space in a whole new light.

“January is always a good opportunity to declutter and look at your rooms in a new and fresh way. Take out the things that you don’t thoroughly enjoy,” Seitz says. This can simply mean replacing outdated or worn-out furniture with fresh pieces that dovetail with the style and personality of your home. There are countless ways to redesign a room, but even one new piece or alteration can dramatically transform an area.

Seitz predicts that the trends for the upcoming year will “continue to be highly-edited rooms, fantastic artwork and colors that make you comfortable to be surrounded by,” she says.

The Historic Studio was founded by brothers Robb and Mike Whittlef. In April 2021, the duo “passed the torch” to current owners Angela Alvig and Brooke McNatt. In addition to its interior design services, Historic Studio also offers concierge and home “clear out” services. 

Historic Studio, 607 Lake St. E., Wayzata; 952.381.9899;

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