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by | May 2024

JJ Hornig

JJ Hornig. Photos: Chris Emeott

Wayzata couple offers properties for small stays, big events and everything in between.

Walking into the Garden Getaway on Ninth Avenue in Plymouth, it’s easy to feel instantly at home. The rambler is furnished in a color scheme of blue, white and gold. The kitchen is fully stocked with cutlery, crockery and appliances. The bathroom offers up toiletries like toothpaste and body wash. There are vases with fresh flowers throughout the house, and the kitchen counter hosts a welcome gift with a card signed by the managing partner, JJ Hornig.

Roxy Rentals is the brainchild of Wayzata couple JJ and Hadley Hornig. A native New Yorker, JJ Hornig got her first taste of the business possibilities while renting out her New York City apartment near the United Nations. “I couldn’t even keep up with the inquiries because it was so new, and people would much rather stay in an apartment with additional amenities as opposed to a hotel,” she says. Hornig put a pin in that experience but would revisit it with her husband when the couple moved to Minnesota in 2019.

The Hornigs bought a property in northeast Minneapolis and set about remodeling. “I loved that process,” Hornig says. But, six months after the home was complete, the couple was ready to move to the suburbs. “And I was like, ‘Why don’t we explore one of these units as a short-term rental? Let’s just see what it is,” she says.

That thought process evolved into a full-fledged business with Chic Retreat on 12th Avenue in Plymouth, joined shortly after by Ninth Avenue’s Garden Getaway in October 2022. From there, Roxy Rentals flourished, expanding to seven mid-term and short-term rental properties across two states. (A new property in Minnetonka Beach is set to open in June.)

Roxy Rentals guests take up temporary residence for a variety of reasons—fun getaways and otherwise. Whether it’s an emergency renovation or carefully planned remodel, it’s hard to go an extended period without basic home amenities and comforts. “When families have to go to hotel rooms, it’s breaking up that family unit,” Hornig says. “So it’s really fun to be able to create that warm and safe environment where they feel like it’s literally their home away from home.”

Roxy Rental Blue Kitchen

When local families aren’t taking up temporary residency, both the Chic Retreat and Garden Getaway play host to a wide variety of other guests. “We get a lot of people, especially for the summer, [who] want to visit their families, but they don’t necessarily want to stay with their family,” Hornig says. Wedding parties are in the mix, too.

With a background in experiential events and hospitality, Hornig is no stranger when it comes to building an experience. “We really punch up the decor vibe, especially with the Garden Getaway,” she says. “We hired a really awesome local landscaper to bring back those gardens and help us with that to really make it splashy for this coming spring and summer.”

As the Hornigs built up their small business, they found a way to build up local businesses, too, through a digital guide, which guests receive access to during check-in. “We really push supporting local and small businesses in the area,” Hornig says. The digital guide highlights places to eat, activities and attractions in the surrounding area, including the Wayzata community.

During my stay at the Garden Getaway, I enjoyed a well-stocked bookcase, wall art that enhances the overall aesthetic and cozy entertainment setups throughout the house with easy access to streaming services.

During my stay at the Garden Getaway, I enjoyed a well-stocked bookcase, wall art that enhances the overall aesthetic and cozy entertainment setups throughout the house with easy access to streaming services.

Roxy’s Rolodex

New amenities roll out in 2024 with Roxy Rentals’ online marketplace. Curated toward all things event-planning, the directory partners with local service providers for a long list of occasions. “If you want a private chef, we have that in our Rolodex. We can have them come to the house and cook you a meal,” JJ Hornig says. “Do you need a hair and makeup team for your special event? We have that.”

The new marketplace will be a comprehensive resource for things that visitors need, which they might otherwise have difficulty finding if they’re from out of state. “Those hospitality amenities will be added on,” Hornig says.

Roxy Rentals
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