Tackle the Top Three “Problem” Areas to Organize

by | Oct 2021

Kitchen Storage Containers

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I am often contacted for help with three “problem” areas that are easily filled due to over-owning, forgetfulness or procrastination. Let’s get organized.

Closets: Try the KonMari method, popularized by organizing expert Marie Kondo. Take items out of your closet (dressers, too), and put everything on top of your bed.  Review each piece, and set aside items that do not fit or “spark joy” or are older than 10 years. Bag up the unwanted items, and deliver them to a local charity. Consider cutting up worn items to use as rags.  Put the remaining items back in your closet, grouping by color.

Pantries: Toss out expired items. Identify products that you have in abundance or do not plan to use, and drop them off at a food bank. Group the remaining items by category (i.e. soups with soup, pasta with pasta). Place grouped items in storage bins, labeling for easy identification.
I recommend putting flour, sugar, rice and beans in airtight containers. 

Garage: Back out your car(s), and mark off three sections on the floor or driveway, using painter’s tape. Label the sections “donate,” “ keep” and “junk haulers.”  Start on one end of the garage, and work your way around. Don’t forget items stored in the rafters or attic. After you donate items  and have the junk hauled away,  assess what type of storage system and bins you need.

Take 15 minutes a day to accomplish your goal.  You will be amazed by how much you can get done. Put on a timer, and get started! 

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company. zestfuldesign.com



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