Take Stock and Punch Up the Protein in your Favorite Recipes

by | Dec 2021

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The old adage and once popular book title Chicken Soup for the Soul is no joke. Turns out chicken broth truly is a restorative food. Dieticians claim that broth can help keep you hydrated, clear congestion and ease cold symptoms. Bone broth, commonly referred to as stock, may be even more beneficial for health conscious consumers, and area business Freak Flag Organics is making bone broths that are a tasty and convenient source of nutrition.

Basically, traditional broth is a thin liquid made from boiling meat and/or vegetables. Stock, or bone broth, is thicker because it’s made from boiling bones, and it contains a power punch of protein due to the collagen released from the bones during cooking. That’s why lots of people who follow high protein paleo, keto or intermittent fasting diets have gravitated toward drinking bone broth as a meal or snack. Amino acids and other vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium and vitamin D are also sometimes found in bone broth.

Fred Haberman is a founder of Freak Flag Organics. He says, “I have a passion for soups in the cold of winter, and I’m known in the family to make soups on Sundays.” A good bone broth is the base for many soup recipes, but Haberman says making stock takes a fair amount of time. That’s what inspired him and Freak Flag Organics chef Mary Jane Miller to create their brand of bone broths that are ready to heat and eat. The pair experimented a lot with flavors because plain chicken is just not that “freaky.”

“Lots of bone broth tastes medicinal to me,” says Haberman, who knew there must be a better way to create flavorful bone broth that is still organic. The flavors Freak Flag Organics came up with are coconut chicken, chicken tortilla and lemon pepper chicken. “We’re getting rave reviews for the coconut chicken,” Haberman says. “It tastes great sipped, and you can also make simple recipes by adding protein like chicken and a few other ingredients. You can have chicken noodle soup in five minutes, or use [bone broth] as a base for something more extravagant like enchiladas or a Thai food dish; adding things to ‘freak it up.’”

Freak Flag Organics Bone Broth is certified organic and can be found at Whole Foods.

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