Tidy Tips for the Best Gifts

by | Jun 2021

Showcase with multicolored ties. View of different colors ties in showcase. Multicolored man. Showcase of rolled neckties at store. Coiled ties on shelf at shop. Twisted neckties beautifully stacked.


With Father’s Day around the bend, celebrate the important men in your life by helping them get a bit more organized.

Ties and belts: Use in-drawer organizers, which are preferable over hanging or mounted racks since items can’t slip to the floor or take up closet space for other hanging items.

Ball caps: Install a curtain rod in a closet or mudroom, and attach the hats using window treatment rings and clips.

Tools: A mobile stainless steel workbench with a solid wood top, storage drawers and electrical outlet saves space and gives the user flexibility to move as needed for projects. Use a magnetic spice rack to store nails and screws. With clear lids, it is easy to find the right size item, and the racks easily mount above a workbench.

Sports equipment: Use a wall track system. These versatile wall-mounted products lift equipment off the ground and have multiple accessories to store bikes, balls and bags.

Kira Vanderlan focuses on home and business decluttering, organization and interior design with a focus on mindfulness. zestfuldesign.com


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