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by | May 2023

Styled Pink Luxury Picnic

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Sisters launch startup that offers luxury parties and experiences.

When it comes to putting together a soirée guaranteed to trigger “ooohs and aaahs” from guests and generate oodles of “likes” on social media, perhaps no one does it better than Minnetrista resident Brittany Kozan and her twin sister, Tiffany Ohotto.

The dynamic duo behind Tiffany’s Picnic and Parties specializes in whimsical picnic and sleepover experiences. Their Plymouth-based business is not quite two years old, but it continues to grow with new customers finding the business through word of mouth and others being drawn in by the dazzling photos of their work on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

“We’ve always been very creative,” Kozan says. “Even when we were young, we were always trying to make special experiences.” Ohotto says, “We love to make things memorable.”

Table Setting for Pink Luxury Picnic

While party planning has long been a passion for the creative sisters, it hit a fever pitch when they each started having their own children. “We always went all out,” Ohotto says, of putting together birthday parties for their children. “We’ve always liked décor.” As they planned one over-the-top fête after another for their kids, family and friends took notice and started asking them to plan their baby and wedding showers, birthday parties and more.

In July 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, the sisters took the plunge and launched Tiffany’s Picnic and Parties. “We dove in head first,” Kozan says.

With a collection of 10 cotton teepee-style tents and a host of rugs, fairy lights and throw pillows, they started offering whimsical picnics during Minnesota’s temperate seasons. Customers booked their picnics to celebrate and host everything from birthdays to baby showers to romantic dinner dates. By fall, the women expanded their collection of tents and added luxury sleepover experiences, complete with mattresses, festive bedding and games. It proved to be a fruitful move that kept them busy during the colder months and afforded some insurance against bad weather.

The party planning generally starts a couple weeks or even months prior to the event date with a phone call with clients to discuss logistics. “The sooner the better,” Kozan says, especially if the duo needs to source things for the party. The sisters can generally tackle picnics for up to 30 attendees. They have done picnics to celebrate Mother’s Day, bridal showers, graduation parties and even proposals.

Picnics include dried or fresh floral arrangements, sparkling lemonade or water, games, tableware and décor. They have an assortment of throw pillows, rugs, seating and umbrellas to tie into most themes. “We have a lot of inventory, but we can source items, too,” Kozan says.

Tiffany Ohotto Setting up Picnic

Tiffany Ohotto

The sisters offer a selection of themed picnics, including a Sweetheart Package, Pretty in Pink and Vintage Boho, but they say they are always open to new themes or client customization. “There are endless possibilities with what you can do,” Kozan says. (Her favorite: a Bridgerton-style tea party.) But if clients don’t have an idea in mind, the sisters are ready to step in with a plan. “I love the creativity. It’s so fun to bring a vision to life,” Ohotto says.

While they don’t provide food, the team will pick up and deliver preordered food and also work with different charcuterie-focused businesses. Some clients prepare their own food. Regardless, the goal is to create a completely hassle-free event. On the day of the event, Ohotto and Kozan take care of delivery and setup. Ohotto says she doesn’t leave until everything is in its place, and the vision is complete. “I’m a perfectionist,” she says. The next day, Ohotto and Kozan return and take it all down. (They operate within a 20-mile radius of Plymouth but will travel beyond that range for a fee.)

Blue Themed Luxury Picnic

Creating elevated experiences is the finishing touch to any event.

Sweet Dreams

The process is much the same for sleepovers, though they tend to be smaller events for a younger crowd.

The typical sleepover size is four to eight attendees with most between the ages of 7 and 11. Ohotto has found that most people’s homes can comfortably accommodate four of the teepee setups with full-size air mattresses. (Prices start at $200 for a two-teepee setup. Each additional tent costs $50. Ohotto also charges a $50 damage deposit.)

Clients can select one of the established themes with boho, unicorn (most popular), sports and camping vibes or collaborate with Ohotto and Kozan to customize their sleepover experience. During the holidays, clients can choose from seasonal themes like The Grinch or Let it Snow.

Colorful Sleepover Theme

Individualizing event themes is one of the planners’ strengths.

Time Well Spent

Ohotto says her favorite part of the job is seeing the reactions to the magical scenes they’ve created. “I had one sleepover where the mom was surprising her daughter, and she let me stick around when her daughter saw the setup. She was so excited. She was screaming. I thought to myself, ‘How lucky am I?’”

Those moments give the sisters hope for their business’s future. Right now, Ohotto and Kozan continue to work their day jobs. (Kozan is a sleep technician, and Ohotto’s background is in teaching.) They dream of turning the party planning into a full-time gig. “I do think there’s potential for this,” Kozan says. “It would be amazing to do this full time,” Ohotto says.

Brittany Kozan and Tiffany Ohotto

Brittany Kozan and Tiffany Ohotto

As much as they enjoy party planning, the sisters love spending time together more. “We’re absolute best friends,” Kozan says. “We talk on the phone five to 10 times a day. Any more time we can spend together is a bonus.”

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