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sock puppet miniatures at GoBros’ office

Sock puppet miniatures of the team at GoBros’ office. Photos: GoBros

Local business has shoppers covered.

Big socks. Tall socks. Funny socks. Fuzzy socks. Socks for hockey and hiking. Socks for tennis and running. Just about name it, and GoBros has a sock for it. With around 40 high-performance brands, the local online company has a comprehensive inventory.

“We wanted to focus on one thing and do it really well,” says Michael McGarry, company president. After buying the e-commerce platform 11 years ago, McGarry and Katie Frank, vice president, and their growing team of 20 staff members directed their focus toward one goal: carrying the best premium sock brands out there.

With a price-point averaging around $16 a pair, high-performance socks can feel like a bit of a luxury, but Frank says the quality is what turns first-time customers into sock converts. “It’s kind of like buying a carton of eggs,” she says. “You might have to pay $5 instead of $2.99, but the product is so incredibly different. It’s a similar scale with socks where nice socks are truly a completely different product than a 12-pack of cotton socks.”

GoBros Founders

Frank and McGarry are converts themselves, both professing to a favorite wintertime sock. “I personally like, for that time of year, the [Smartwool] merino wool light hikers,” McGarry says. “I’ve been wearing the same style basically seven or eight years now,” says Frank, preferring the Smartwool mountaineering sock. “They’re like stepping on a cloud.”

Team members even have their go-to pairs, with favorites playfully featured as a colorful cast of sock puppet miniatures at GoBros’ office and warehouse in Minnetonka. “A friend of mine, Nicole Mills-Novoa, she’s actually a puppeteer and offered to make these puppets for us,” Frank says.

The company has customers covered with sock wear for daily life, active endeavors and even for health-related situations, including for the effects of bunions, diabetes, injuries and planters fasciitis, for example.

But feet don’t get all the attention at GoBros. Other for sale items include accessories, apparel, footwear and sportswear.

15310 Minnetonka Industrial Road, Minnetonka; 866.446.2767
Instagram: @gobros_outdoors
Twitter: @GoBrosTweets


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