Very Peri, 2022’s Color of the Year

by | Jul 2022

Periwinkle Items

Photos: Chris Emeott

Amp up your life’s color story.

We can’t name a best color of the year. Can you? Try as we might, we’re just too partial to so many entries on the color wheel that it would be impossible to highlight a single hue.

Enter Pantone, which offers yearly guidance with its Color of the Year picks. For 2022, it tagged Very Peri as the go-to gal in all things décor, fashion and more. “Rekindling gratitude for some of the qualities that blue represents complemented by a new perspective that resonates today … Very Peri places the future ahead in a new light,” says.

With a grand and bright future ahead, is it possible to marry some Very Peri into our lifestyles without making a full commitment? After all, Pantone is a bit fickle, never staying true to one color for more than a year. Who knows what 2023 will bring, but, for now, let’s see how we can add a little periwinkle sparkle to our lives.

Home Décor
Wall color is the obvious choice here with paint or wallcovering, and if you have the space to do it, an accent wall might be the best option. Remember that powder rooms can often handle bolder colors as long as the fixtures and cabinetry don’t vie for attention.

Designers often recommend pillows, decorative rugs and throws as accent pieces, and don’t forget that well-placed tchotchkes can add a pop of color to a bookcase, mantel or accent table.

Nothing takes on less of a commitment than accessories. How about adding a touch of the color to jewelry? Very Peri would look smashing with gold accents. Shoes, scarves and handbags welcome a staring role in any outing. White tennis shoes are always a classic vibe, but adding a snap of color with sock wear is a fun way to add visual interest. And who says sleepwear has to be a snooze? Make your style dreams comes true with snazzy jammies featuring the color of the year.

While most of us have planted our beds and garden vessels, home gardeners know it’s never too late to perk up a needful garden or planter. Katie Dubow of the Garden Media Group says, “There’s no easier way to bring Very Peri into your landscape than adding vibrant flowers.” For recommendations, she says, “Agapanthus spikes explode with bright purple-blue flowers … Salvia is a heavy-blooming perennial with stunning periwinkle flowers; it’s also a pollinator magnet that thrives in containers or landscapes.” For border or mass planting, Dubow suggests dianella. Watch for periwinkle-hued hydrangea, and don’t forget forget-me-nots!

Let’s have some fun in the kitchen. Think about perking up your dessert menu with purple/blue-inspired gel color for batter or frosting mixes. Top off the look with some coordinating edible color dust. Consider playing with gelatin mixes to create the perfect color blend. Using beets in bread dough can result in interesting color stratifications, too! And don’t forget the reliable blueberry, which is always game to ramp up a recipe.

Get Movie(ing)
Mix some popcorn with Peri-inspired gummies or candies, and you’re set for some purple picture shows!

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