When Side Effects Go Right

by | Nov 2019

Three pills rest on a piece of paper listing side effects.


Side effects can sometimes be a really good thing. This is something I recently learned when getting treatment for my knee pain. I’ve been battling chronic Lyme disease. The bacteria that causes it loves to attack joints, creating a fair amount of pain.

I recently tried microcurrent treatments on and around my knees, at a local biomedical center. Microcurrent involves using a specific frequency of electrical currents applied to the injured area. It helps tissue heal faster and aids in pain relief. The procedure is painless. You can feel tingling.

This treatment took me from struggling up and down stairs with a fair amount of pain to running up and down stairs. Exactly what I was looking for—but then something happened. Two people separately told me that my legs were looking smoother. I hadn’t really noticed, but when I took a closer look, they were right.

It turns out microcurrent also increases circulation and can improve scars and cellulite. When my provider suggested I get microcurrent on my face area to detox my lymph nodes, I was on board. The procedure was painless. Directly after the microcurrent face detox, my skin looked smoother and my cheeks were even perkier. Microcurrent tightens the muscles in and around the face. Of course, it also had the desired result that my doctor was going for in terms of stimulating my cells and detoxing my lymph nodes.

You can imagine how thrilled I am to find something that helps my health and also my appearance as a side effect.

This is definitely a new tool for not just pain and my health, but also a natural alternative for tightening the skin around my face and neck. I’m turning 50 next year and can use all the help I can get.

Local media maven Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that often push her outside of her comfort zone, and helps others stretch themselves, too. 


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