Wrap Up Seasonal Décor

by | Dec 2021

Close up image of Hands holding Colourful Christmas tree decoration.


Adorning your home with seasonal colors, trimming the tree and wrapping gifts is certainly enjoyable, but putting it all away is another story.

Décor seems to accumulate year after year, so I recommend pairing it down while you are putting it up. Label a box “donate,” and fill it with items you rarely use or no longer enjoy. Repeat the process when you take the holiday items down after the season because a second pass is always helpful. 

Wrapping paper-specific storage bins are recommended. They can either rest flat or upright. If space is limited, the flat bins can be stored under beds. Another option includes storing paper between ceiling joists in an unfinished basement or garage by securing two dowels to support the paper above.  

Plastic wreath storage bins are preferred over zippered wreath bags as they offer better protection. Alternatively, cover the wreaths with a heavy-duty garbage bag and hang in a closet or on a garage wall.

Tame holiday lights by using storage reels, which can keep them tangle- and damage-free.

Protect delicate ornaments in a bin with dividers that are made specifically for ornaments. Use bins with clear windows, so you can easily see the contents. Make your own ornament storage holder by hot gluing plastic cups or egg cartons to cardboard sheets and placing them inside a large bin.

These simple organizing hacks can make putting up and taking down holiday décor a bit easier. Happy Holidays from Zestful Design.

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company. zestfuldesign.com


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