Before You Play Go Fetch, Tidy Up

by | Apr 2021

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Pets bring endless joy, comfort and love. I have two rescued greyhounds that are 11 years old and retired from racing. Taking my furry friends on daily walks keeps me active. Petting them is calming, and seeing their wagging tales puts a smile on my face.

While many of us have experienced the upshots of home organization, it can be similarly good for pets, too.   

Whether you have a cat or a Great Dane, food takes up quite a bit of space, and bags can be unsightly. Find a decorative container to hold the kibble. Large baskets with lids or appealing trash bins are favorable options.  Tip: Collapsible scoops save space. 

Walking pets outdoors requires that leashes and waste bags be readily accessible. Consider installing decorative hooks near a door, attach hooks inside a closet door or add a decorative chest of drawers to hold the supplies. Tip: I have a bench with drawers near my front door, where store pet supplies and can easily put on my walking shoes.

Pet playtime is always a highlight of the day. There are so many cute options for storing pet toys and stuffed animals. Tip: Keeping the bins small and low to the ground allow for easy access.

Remember, when it comes to home organization, it is easy to add decorative and functional options for our beloved pets.

Kira Vanderlan operates Zestful Design, a home and business decluttering, organization and interior design company with a focus on mindfulness.


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