You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New

by | May 2019

A woman sits working at a laptop with a pencil in hand and a notebook nearby.


Natalie Webster goes back to school.

I’m 48 years old. Though I didn’t go to college, I never stopped learning. I don’t have a formal education in marketing or writing, but it’s how I make a living. What I didn’t know how to do, I learned. Recently, I decided that I wanted to take a few college courses for the learning experience. Through, anyone can take online courses from Harvard, Duke, MIT and many other prestigious schools.

Truth is, because of the cult I grew up in, I didn’t graduate from high school. The first thing I did when I left the cult at age 39 was to go back to school and get my GED. Technically, I’m a 2010 graduate of Minnetonka High School. I was able to cross the stage at 39 and get my diploma, while my children watched from the audience.

Don’t let a lack of formal education stop you from learning. We are never too old to have new dreams, to learn new things, or to explore new frontiers. To stop learning is to stop truly living.

Local media maven Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that push her outside of her comfort zone, and helps others stretch themselves, too.


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