3 Food Presentation Tips from a MasterChef Junior Competitor

by | Jun 2019

An example of elevated plating from MasterChef Junior's Ariana Feygin.

Photo: Emily J. Davis

Ariana Feygin shares tips for plating like a Masterchef.

It is a universally known fact in the culinary world that you eat with your eyes first. For me, the presentation of my food is almost as important as how it tastes. Here are my tips for elevated plating:

  1. Balance the colors. You really want to have each ingredient “pop” on its own. Mindfully use ingredients whose colors contrast but complement each other. Try to stay clear of using only ingredients with neutral colors (like brown or gray), and mix it up a bit with a bright color like green or red.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the plate. One fundamental mistake many home cooks make is crowding the plate with tons of food. Less is more. You want to have just enough of each component so that the dish is balanced, but not too much that the dish appears clunky or unrefined.
  3. Garnish to the gods. A garnish is basically an extra little decoration or embellishment that finishes off the plating of a dish. It’s an important step that many cooks overlook. A little sprinkle of parsley, a shaving of Parmesan, or a dash of lemon zest can make a huge difference on the plate.

Ariana Feygin is a 14-year old chef and Minnesota’s first contestant on Fox’s MasterChef Junior. She is the founder of her business Ariana’s Kitchen and is passionate about philanthropy. 


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