How to Make a Boozy Shake at Home, Courtesy of Copper Cow

by | Jun 2019

Scandinavian Grandma, one of the signature shakes from new Minnetonka restaurant Copper Cow.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Build an at-home version of Copper Cow’s signature Scandinavian Grandma boozy shake.

This article originally appeared as part of the story Copper Cow in the June 2019 issue.

The shakes at Copper Cow are boozy (and you can order them “extra boozy,” if you wish, for just $2 more). Of course, if you prefer, you can also order them without alcohol, making dessert a must-try for even the youngest patrons. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes and malts can all be ordered to-go.

Want to try a boozy shake at home? Copper Cow owner Danielle Bjorling kindly shares the key elements of one of her signature shakes with us. (We can’t blame her for holding tight to the recipe for signature sour cream old fashioned donuts, but we recommend picking one up at the counter and adding it to your shake.)

Anatomy of a Milkshake
Build an at-home version of Copper Cow’s signature Scandinavian Grandma boozy shake.

  • Fancy whipped cream (real heavy whipping cream sweetened with homemade simple syrup) piped with a pretty star tip. Sprinkled with edible dried rose petals and pink pearls.
  • Copper Hen’s mini champagne cupcakes with signature Copper Hen buttercream (recipes and instructions in The Copper Hen Cookbook).
  • An old fashioned donut. Assemble with a wooden skewer for the cupcake and donut, all in a tall shake glass, and add a wide shake straw for easy sipping.
  • This fragrant, delicious shake starts with local Honey & Mackie’s vanilla bean ice cream, Prairie gin, homemade strawberry puree, Monin rose syrup and cardamom.

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