The Benefits of Traveling with Kids

by | Mar 2020

A child poses for a photo with a group of locals while on vacation.

Photos: Mollie Krengel

How to reframe your mindset when traveling with kids.

I was recently a guest on a podcast called Millennial Money and, you guessed it, the goal was to chat about travel and money. However, things took an unexpected turn when we started talking about reframing our mind around travel with kids. People often say a vacation with kids isn’t a vacation; it’s a trip. Let’s face it—kids will complain no matter where they are … and, I think a few adults are guilty of it too. Here’s the thing: travel is one of those intangible experiences where you have to think big picture. Travel, the kind where we immerse ourselves in a different culture, experiencing new tastes, sights and sounds, has the power to shape our kids into the worldly adults we hope they will become. It’s an investment in teaching our kids, through action, the following profound life lessons:

  • Humanity does exist. When we show our kids the world, they meet new people and feel the warmth of communities who live differently than they do. They make friends in new places. They deepen their interpersonal connection and acceptance for others.
  • Studies show that kids who travel do better academically. Travel is literally shaping our cognitive ability, in all ages. Teaching kids how to become better problem-solvers, how to think more creatively and how to navigate new cities is giving our kiddos real life skills. These also enhance their self-confidence.

Krengel Children

The list goes on, but I’ll conclude with the gift that keeps on giving. Travel with kids creates lifelong memories. Our kids won’t remember their whining (neither will you!), but later in life, they will be grateful for the invaluable time together, experiencing the world, exploring awe-inspiring natural wonders. This is what travel is about. There is nothing like travel to be present with one another, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. She shares travel tips and insights in this column, writing with husband Roy and globetrotting kids Liam, Ella and Rafi. 


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