Cream & Amber Hopes to Be the Go-to Gathering Place in Hopkins

by | Jul 2019

The bookshelves and bar at Cream & Amber, a new bookstore/taproom/coffee shop in Hopkins.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Our editor’s pick for best place for a good read.

Coffee shop cum bookstore cum taproom Cream & Amber opened in Hopkins this spring, and it’s quickly becoming a beloved local gem on the near west side of the metro. Founders Kacey Hruby Wyttenhove and Katie Terhune met in college and dreamed for years about opening a bookshop that also honored their love of coffee and good beer. They stock both new and used books, carefully selected to make the best use of their (relatively cozy) space, and loan out their community room (for free!) for local groups to meet. One of our favorite parts of a visit is the coffee, lovingly chosen from Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, based in St. Paul. The shop also offers a great selection of locally made pastries and sandwiches for visitors who need something to munch while they read, chat with friends or browse the shelves. Terhune and Hruby Wyttenhove say their ultimate goal is to be an inclusive gathering place. In our May 2019 Tastemakers feature, Hruby Wyttehnove told us, “We hope to be a gathering space and a place where the community can come. We weren’t always sure what shape it would take, but it was always in the plan.” (Check out this fun list of the founders’ book-and-beer pairings, too.)


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