Embrace Yoga to Help Conquer Vulnerability

by | Apr 2019

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Growth occurs when we embrace our vulnerability.

I feel vulnerable when I’m trying something new, something I have little or no experience with. For some reason, yoga makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. Recently I decided to give it a try anyway.

Physically, I was somewhat limited, because I was recovering from an illness. Yoga was suggested as a way to gain strength back and manage stress. For several sessions, Andrew Seifert, of Good Vibrations Yoga, came to my home for private lessons. At the time, I wasn’t even strong enough to go to his studio.

Quickly, I realized that my reservation in embracing yoga had to do with my dislike of being present when I’m uncomfortable. It’s funny how the symptom is often the antidote: Yoga has everything to do with being present. To my surprise, I found comfort and relief in even just breathing.

The more I did yoga, the more I learned what a valuable tool it was for healing. Soon I was taking what I was learning in yoga and using it in my day-to-day life.

Growth occurs when we embrace our vulnerability. I was so afraid of being present when I wasn’t feeling well, that I lost sight of how vital it was for me to get present in order to heal.

Local media maven Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that push her outside of her comfort zone, and helps others stretch themselves, too.


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