Enjoy Vacation More by Being Smart About Your Beauty Routine

by | Sep 2019

A family fishes on a lake while on vacation.

Photo: Mollie Krengel

You don’t have to give up your beauty routine while you’re on the road.

We don’t know about you, but we love a good vacay for many reasons. One reason you might not think of? Re-wearing the same clothes, forgoing a hair style and letting go of the whole makeup shebang. That’s right. Vacation vibes mean au naturel is where it’s at.

Travel is an opportunity to get a break from routine, which includes beauty and styling habits. Pack light and smart by re-wearing wrinkle-free clothing. We love travel wear from brands like Athleta; most of their pieces are also made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic and wood. Let your hair air-dry, and pack a few travel-size products like dry shampoo or beachy wave spray. Forget uncomfortable, impractical shoes. I prefer to throw in a pair of Teva sandals, which are super versatile and cute. You can wear Tevas at the beach, out to dinner or even on an easy hike. (For me, that means I usually need a maximum of two pairs of shoes.)

Being smart about your vacation beauty and style habits means you spend less time getting ready and more time out exploring, relaxing or being present with your kids. That sounds like a win to us.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. Roy Krengel owns Krengel Dental. They share travel tips and insights in this column, writing with their globetrotting kids Liam (12), Ella (12) and Rafi (8). 


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