Give Yourself the Gift of Travel

by | Dec 2020

A cabin in the snowy woods.


Set aside some time before or after the holidays to restore yourself.

We can’t possibly discuss the holiday season without encouraging travel for its ability to reduce stress (even if holiday gatherings are your jam). Admittedly, travel can absolutely send one red-lining, but with the right prep and intention, setting aside three days to restore ourselves, either before or after the holidays, is something we should all prioritize.

MINDSET: Instead of spending money on (or asking for) material (holiday) gifts, go for an experience. Its impact is long-lasting and profound. You’ll feel more refreshed and creative, as well as more productive when you return home.

GO: Rent a cozy cabin, or head to warmer climes. Near or far, choose an environment that makes you feel inspired. Set aside three days pre- or post-holiday festivities, depending on how stressful these times are for you. Bring a great book, a puzzle, a bottle of wine or whatever makes you feel like you are getting the restoration you deserve. And, stay off the work emails—make it a true getaway.

NATURE: If you don’t feel ready to hit the road or the skies just yet, dedicate three days immersed in nature. This fantastic and overlooked stress reducer is a great way to decompress. Go cross country skiing, rent a fat tire bike, take a winter walk or strap on some snowshoes. Whatever it is, get outside.

Remember—taking time off, in a way that feels right for you, has the power to help you significantly reduce holiday stress while feeling grounded yet inspired, calm yet rejuvenated. Give yourself the perfect holiday gift.

Mollie Krengel is the founder of adventure-based business Wild Bum. She shares travel tips and insights in this column, writing with husband Roy and globetrotting kids Liam, Ella and Rafi.


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