Local Authors Share Their Journeys and Insights into the Publishing World

Illustrated portraits of six authors.

For aspiring authors, getting their work published is a quest that can elicit as many goosebumps as reading a Stephen King novel.

Many dream of being the next J.K. Rowling, but realize after a few rejections that writing a happy ending is much easier than scoring one in real life. On the page, the writer controls their book’s plot from conflict to resolution. Off the page, outside forces in the form of literary agents and publishers are crucial to getting their novel in the hands of readers.

Deephaven Native Publishes First Novel

James Tucker is a Target executive and former international lawyer, and he’s truly a Renaissance guy. The Deephaven native recently published his first novel, Next of Kin (Thomas & Mercer, 2017), a crime thriller featuring an NYPD detective and his quest to protect the lone survivor of a wealthy family, 10-year-old heir Ben Brook.


Good Read

In 1996, Ann Nye and Ellie Temple had been working together at Frog Island Books in Excelsior for eight years. When the owner retired and closed up shop that year, Nye wanted to keep a bookstore alive in Excelsior. “Ann turned to me and said, ‘Ellie, we could do this,’” Temple says. “I said, ‘I don’t think so. This isn’t the right time.’ So I agreed to do it for five years, and that was 21 years ago,” she says.


Keep Kids Indoors and Cozy with These Winter Reads

A Warm Winter by Feridun Oral
Recommended for preschool to grade three.
Snuggle up for this read-aloud. Little Mouse leaves his nest on a cold winter morning to gather firewood, but when it comes time to bring the gathered twigs home, he realizes it is much too heavy for one mouse. He must work together with the other animals before the big blizzard hits. This is a beautifully illustrated story of cooperation and perseverance that will warm any heart.


Justin Anderson Helps Fellow Teens Get Published with Sigma’s Bookshelf

Last October, 16-year-old Justin M. Anderson started what, to his knowledge, is the first publishing company exclusively for teenage authors (ages 12 to 19). On June 24, Sigma’s Bookshelf, which is run by Justin and his parents, Jamie and Rachel Anderson, officially released its first two titles. The launch party was held at Roseville’s Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Justin just started his junior year at Wayzata High School.



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