Top Ten Liquors is Opening its New Concept Wineside

Let’s raise a glass—self-serve wine dispensers are soon to be a thing in the west Metro thanks to Top Ten Liquors and its novel concept—Wineside. The Minneapolis chain of liquor stores has its eye on a September (at press time) opening of the ultimate high-end wine and cheese bar, restaurant, charcuterie market, grocery and liquor store in Minnetonka.  Read more about Top Ten Liquors is Opening its New Concept Wineside

In Plain Sight

Wine Cellar

Wine cellars continue to move their ways up from homes’ lower levels and onto main floors and into spotlighted sightlines. Over the years, Jeff Hagen has witnessed the change in how wine lovers store and present their collections. “The primary difference has been the advent of the ‘showcase’ cellar, a cellar whose primarily reason for existence is the look, rather than the proper storage of wine,” he says. Read more about In Plain Sight

February is the Month for Pairings

Once in a while, moons align, and the right wine matches with great food.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites for food and wine pairings.

Côtes du Rhône and the grill: Consider any food with a char or sear marks—grilled veggies to a big steak. The deep fruit of a Château d’Aigueville Côtes du Rhône (around $14) with beef and veggies off the grill is—awesome. Read more about February is the Month for Pairings


Wine: It’s What’s for Dessert

White chocolate bavarois ~ paired with ~ Raymond Ragnaud, Dessert wine/Cognac, Pineau des Charentes

When it comes to dining, oftentimes so much emphasis is placed on the main course that one of the best parts of a meal—dessert—is overlooked.

Resting on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Vann Restaurant in Spring Park not only offers elevated fine dining entrées, but it serves tempting desserts, as well. To go along with the sweet confections, Vann showcases some dessert wines as fitting accoutrements. Read more about Wine: It’s What’s for Dessert

Wine of the Times

Wine can be appreciated all year, but it’s especially apropos during the holiday season. Dinner parties, restaurant gatherings and holiday gift giving tend to make wine top of mind for many revelers. We connected with local experts for information to help would-be wine drinkers gain confidence with buying, ordering and gifting wine during the holidays, or for that matter, any time of year. Read more about Wine of the Times



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