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by | Feb 2021

Molly Golden

Photos: Chris Emeott, Molly Golden

Blogger shares her love of travel—one word at a time.

In 2017, Molly Golden took a step that would quickly change her career.

After volunteering for the City of Wayzata and working in merchandising for American Apparel, she launched Golden Girl Travel, a blog sharing her travel experiences and featuring a compilation of carefully culled lifestyle information—all this along with handling freelance marketing projects since 2013.

For Golden, traveling has been a life-long aspiration. She remembers dreaming of exploring the world as a child. “Geography was one of my favorite subjects growing up,” she says. “I grew up in a small town [Winona] …, and my family never really travelled, so I think that made me even more excited about it.”

Molly Golden Boarding Plane

Golden Girl Travel details Golden’s explorations and offers guides for various destinations. She also includes lifestyle blogs about all things fashion, cooking and daily life. Molly’s Muse is a weekly compilation of locations and items she finds deserving of the spotlight. Posts often include a destination, recipe, fashion item and a fresh read.

Speaking of things Golden loves, her site is dotted with references to Nantucket, Mass. The small, East Coast island serves as inspiration for Golden. After falling in love with it after her first visit in 2017, she began to draw correlations between the tight-knit community and the Lake Minnetonka area. “I find the communities to be a lot the same,” she says. “It’s a small community that’s really passionate about where they live.”

The site’s online store, Minnetucket, reflects her love for the two communities. (She visits Nantucket every summer.) Her site features nautical-themed items, including cotton, boat-ready Lake Minnetonka sweaters by Ellsworth & Ivey, a Nantucket-based apparel company. Accessories hit glam meets the water with bracelets from Allison Cole Jewelry and Lake Minnetonka boat bags.

Golden cherishes trips she has taken, including Banff, Alberta (“… one of my most favorite places in the world.”) and Cape Town, South Africa. (“such a unique trip.”) She hopes to visit Antarctica and the quietude of the South Pole, a destination unlike any she has yet to see. 

Lake MTKA Sweater

Travel Essentials from the Golden Girl

Stock up on unique local travel goods.

Julia Moss Designs (Wayzata) offers goatskin leather luggage tags and passport books. Opt for customization, handpainted by Anna Schwartz. $32–$60;

Golden recommends adding a touch of chic-ness and functionality to your packing with multiuse pill bottles from Julia Moss Designs. The bottles (pink, white or gold) come with insignias from Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Gucci. $26–$28;

Grace Hill Designs (Wayzata) has a series of coffee table books, featuring beautiful worldwide destinations, ideal for when you are staying at home and want to “experience” somewhere else for a bit. Prices vary;

Big Island Swim & Surf Company  (Excelsior) carries BOOE waterproof packs to keep your essentials dry.  They come in many sizes, including a backpack, daypack, small and large pouches and belt bags. Prices vary;

General Store of Minnetonka has a selection of journals that Golden says are ideal for taking note of your adventures. Pick up one specific for your journey. Prices vary;

The Golden Girl always has her Lake MTKA sweater on-hand, both at home and when traveling. Found on her website, the Ellsworth & Ivey sweaters’ cotton-blend fabrication makes them soft and lightweight. $100;


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