Micro Travel Shines as a Sign of the Times

by | Feb 2021

Dry cattail, marsh grass on a snowy background in winter


This has been a year of cancelled, postponed and uncertain travel plans, and if you can’t escape to somewhere warm and sunny, don’t waste time pining for tropical beaches. Winter opens up some amazing opportunities for micro travel—visiting places nearby that transport us out of our everyday lives without the need for passports, airplane tickets or long drives.

How about spending a day in Twin Cities neighborhood known for a specific immigrant community? Visiting markets, restaurants and shops can feel like traveling to a different world. However, even that may not be possible in the same way this year, so turn to the great outdoors. Through the miracle of freezing temperatures, vast areas that were untraversable or could only be experienced in warmer seasons by watercraft are now accessible by skis, snowshoes, skates or just boots.

I love walking through the cattails in winter, following the paths that the deer make and even finding their little sleeping spots, where they have tamped down the reeds for a sleep above the snow. Marshes, ponds, lakes, and streams all become new territories to explore, so bundle up, go out, and explore the world of winter. As an added benefit of micro travel, you won’t have to unpack your suitcase upon return! [Before venturing out on frozen waterways, be sure to check safety conditions.]

Anne Marie Ruff Grewal is a writer, editor and environmentalist.


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