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by | Dec 2023

Highcroft Perfumes Colorful Perfume Bottles

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Wayzata’s Highcroft offers high-end signature perfumes for anyone on your gift list.

For years, chic Wayzata shoppers have turned to Highcroft—a beloved Lake Street boutique—for luxury sheets, towels, pillows, candles and other touches. Since March 2022, the shop has offered one more sensory experience for discerning noses—several lines of luxury perfumes. “We wanted to offer perfume for a few different reasons,” says owner Molly MacDonald. “There used to be a perfume store in Wayzata, and memories are long! People would ask us about it.”

MacDonald knew the shop had enough space to add personal fragrances (It already offered home fragrances and linen sprays.) and was drawn by the fascinating backstories of luxury scents. “We’re used to selling things with a story. Our store is really experiential, with beautiful textiles and home fragrances. This is a great tie-in,” she says.

Store buyer Emma Swanson got to work, and she and MacDonald ultimately selected 12 perfume lines for Highcroft. “We went through samples from 50 different lines,” Swanson says. “A lot of smelling. We had our own personal favorites, which inspired us to bring those in.” They also focused on perfumes with aesthetic appeal, with beautifully crafted bottles and boxes that look like tiny works of art.

Highcroft Perfumes Assorted Perfumes

When it comes to personal fragrance, most customers want something unique and special—a signature scent, MacDonald says. “They want something they can wear every day and not feel like others have the same scent,” she says. With luxury fragrances like these (Most bottles in the shop run in the $100 to $300 range.), the expert perfumers behind them are “incredible makers,” MacDonald says. “It’s all about the nose behind the scent.” One favorite line—Santa Maria Novella—has its history in the garden of an Italian monastery, founded in 1221.

Duo of Perfume Bottles

Favorite Fragrances

We asked MacDonald and Swanson for some of Highcroft’s bestselling perfumes. If you’re shopping for a holiday gift, give one of these time-tested favorites—each with a compelling story—a try.

Highcroft also stocks perfumes from Vilhelm Parfumerie, MEMO Paris, Annick Goutal and other lines.

Highcroft also stocks perfumes from Vilhelm Parfumerie, MEMO Paris, Annick Goutal and other lines.

  • Pas Ce Soir by BDK Parfums: This sweet, gingery scent is perfect for the winter holidays. “Seasonality is important,” MacDonald says. “Some scents feel warmer and a bit more cozy.”
  • The Original by Eight & Bob: Created by Parisian Albert Fouquet in the early 20th century, this unisex fragrance was reportedly a favorite of President John F. Kennedy. The perfumers still use the original formula, which had been hidden from the Nazis at the onset of World War II.
  • Papyrus Moléculaire by Maison Crivelli: “This is similar to a popular Le Labo scent but with a pretty twist,” MacDonald says. “It has this really beautiful papyrus note.”
Gifting Goodness

Especially if you’re purchasing perfume for someone else, engage in a little homework ahead of your visit to Highcroft. MacDonald shares a few things to consider when selecting a fragrance gift:

  • Current Scents: Does your giftee wear the same signature scent every day? Maybe he or she prefers to switch it up, depending on his or her agenda or mood. Bringing the names of the giftee’s current bottles to Highcroft can help MacDonald and Swanson find a new fragrance that fits naturally into his or her collection.
  • Seasonality: Think about whether your recipient will wear this fragrance year-round or whether it can be a little cozier (fall and winter) or tropical (spring and summer). That can help you narrow down scent notes to include or exclude.
  • Sillage: This refers to the scent trail a perfume leaves as the wearer walks through a room. How much will your giftee want? “Some people want a lot of compliments on their perfume, and some want it just for themselves,” MacDonald says.
  • Longevity and Projection: As these terms imply, they denote how long a fragrance lasts on your skin and how far into the room it’s noticeable. As longevity decreases, so does projection.
  • Where to Wear: Think about whether your recipient likes to wear fragrance as an accessory for a night out or whether he or she wants something for every day, at-home use. “There are some sexy going-out scents, but there are some great cozy ones for homebodies, too,” MacDonald says.
The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella traces its roots to 1221 in Florence.

The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella traces its roots to 1221 in Florence.

Linen Love

In addition to personal and home fragrances, Highcroft is known for its selection of luxury bath, bed and table linens.

Shoppers can select from in-store stocked Italian percale and sateen sheets from Sferra in a variety of price points. A myriad of colors, prints and embroideries for linens are available via special order in Highcroft’s in-store design space.

Some of staff’s favorites include luxury cashmere blankets for colder months or linen blankets for the warmer seasons or for those who prefer a cooler sleep experience.

770 Lake St. E., Wayzata; 952.746.5826
Facebook: Highcroft
Instagram: @highcrofthome


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