How to Fit Fitness into Your Festivities

by | Dec 2022

Outdoor runners in winter.

Pexels/Julia Larson

Staying on track with your health and wellness during the holiday season can be challenging, considering the full schedule of parties, stress, travel and loads of fun that come with it. Don’t worry about losing your momentum during this time. Let’s strategize and plan to keep you motivated with these five simple tips.

  1. Set your alarm for earlier than usual. Research shows that people who work out in the morning are more likely to keep a consistent routine and sleep more soundly at night.
  2. Schedule your workouts. Sticking to a schedule is by far one of the most effective ways to stay on your game when it comes to working out.\
  3. Participate in a holiday-themed run. Grab your family and friends for a festive fun run. Many of these runs support local charities, making it even more motivating to sign up.
  4. Set up a family challenge. Step challenges are a fun way to keep us moving, and the competitive nature of this will help you engage with each other in a different way. Make sure there is a reward at the end.
  5. Use online resources. Don’t forget about virtual workouts for an easy and convenient way to stay on a consistent exercise regimen.

Laurel Famigletti is an area resident and owner of EndorP.H.I.T, where she provides virtual group fitness classes, in-home personal training and virtual nutrition coaching.


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