Invite a Shelter Pet into Your Family

by | Apr 2023

Father with his little son playing with dog together while sitting on the grass on a picnic


What makes a house a home? In recent years, more pets have shared our homes and our lives. We love our pets. Can they love us? I believe so. Our pets are there to greet us when we get home no matter what kind of a day we have had at work or school, instinctively knowing if we are in need of their attention.

They read our emotions and can calm and reassure us by their presence or get excited with us if something wonderful has happened. Sometimes, their action is to hop onto our lap and other times it’s sitting right next to us just being our companion. Their only agenda is to be with us and brighten our day. Their unconditional love accepts us the way we are.

A home is a place to be yourself. We enjoy the attention of our pets, and they enjoy our attention, too. April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. There are many pets that need a loving home. Please consider letting a pet into your life. What makes a house a home? It’s a place to belong and to be shared with loved ones—humans and pets.

Jackie Piepkorn, DVM, co-owns Westonka Animal Hospital and the Lake Minnetonka Pet Wellness Center. Learn more at


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