Jett Beauty Creates Lasting Look With Permanent Cosmetics

by | May 2023

Permanent makeup, tattooing of eyebrows. Cosmetologist in white gloves applying make up with machine for woman in beauty salon


Beauty studio presents the changing face of permanent cosmetics.

Permanent cosmetic services can go beyond just making a person feel more confident and comfortable in his/her own skin—it can offer solutions for some medical conditions and situations. Amy Kelly, founder of Jett Beauty, highlights the different reasons some of her clients visit the Excelsior and Edina venues.

Brows: Microblading brows offers a tattoo procedure, replicating brow hair. Brow powder can also be utilized, and it looks like diffused pixels in the skin, almost as if one was wearing a brow shadow. “I’ve had clients come in throughout the years that have had scarring from accidents and actually had some hair loss within the brows, which made them very self-conscious,” Kelly says. She also assisted a client who had undergone facial reconstruction and wasn’t able to grow back hair in the brow area. “… We ended up doing a combination brow, meaning that I started out with microblading, so I was able to mimic some of her hair, and then I did shading underneath. She was very happy with the results,” Kelly says.

Microblading can also help people with alopecia or anyone who has difficulty growing hair for other reasons.

Eyes: Permanent eyeliner can help build a shadow on the lid to give an illusion to thicker lashes. “I’ve had clients come in that suffer from trichotillomania [the compulsive urge to pull out one’s hair], and so with that, just adding a really thin line on that lash line gives them some definition and can help with them feeling confident,” Kelly says.

Lips: Lip blushing is used to deposit color throughout the lips, which can help people with discoloration in that area. “I have worked with clients that have had cleft palate reconstructive surgery, where we’ve done lip blushing for them to add more symmetry and just even color throughout. I also just had someone in that suffers from Bell’s palsy and has a very similar situation with the lips where there was just asymmetry there,” Kelly says.

Some of Kelly’s clients have been referred to her by dermatologists. “A lot of men have been coming in because they have been referred to by their dermatologists for lip discoloration. We perform lip blushing, and the results are very natural for them, so it does not look like they’re wearing makeup,” Kelly says.

Like Themselves Again

Kelly says it’s also rewarding to perform permanent procedures on people who have lost their ability to put on their own makeup. This has included elderly clients, who have limited eyesight or are not able
to put on makeup for one reason or another.

Kelly helped a client with Alzheimer’s disease. She missed putting on her makeup and at times was just not able to do so. The client’s family brought her in for permanent cosmetics. “It’s pretty amazing that a lot of these services just bring such joy to people’s lives,” Kelly says. “It’s less about an overall enhancement. We love making people feel like themselves again.”

Jett Beauty
314 Water St., Excelsior; 651.371.2650
Instagram: @jettbeauty


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