Lens on Lake Minnetonka: ‘A Happy Dog’ Surveys the Dog Park

by | Jul 2020

A dog named Havoc plays at a dog park in Orono.

Photo: Ann Beadle-Reinitz

Our chat with photo contest winner Ann Beadle-Reinitz.

Ann Beadle-Reinitz is drawn to capturing emotions through her photography. She found high-energy emotion while visiting the dog park in Orono one day. “I wanted to see a happy dog running around, having the time of his life,” Beadle-Reinitz says.

Luckily, the popular dog park was abnormally quiet that day and she was able to catch this pup in a perfect pose. Beadle-Reinitz isn’t a stranger to animal portraits. She enjoys taking portraits of people, animals and wildlife.

The photographer has been faithful to her Nikon cameras since 2010. She bought her first camera when her friend mentioned a Black Friday sale on Nikon cameras. After taking photography classes online at New York Institute of Photography, she has received multiple other awards, such as first place in a category of the Monticello Camera Club show and one of her pictures was once displayed inside Woodbury City Hall.


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