Lens on Lake Minnetonka Photographer Captures Model’s Striking Makeup

by | Aug 2020

Josie models nautical-themed makeup.

Photo: Kristyn Hewitt

Kristyn Hewitt’s photograph “Lake Goddess” took first place in the People & Families category of our 2019 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest.

Each month, we feature one of the winning photos from our 2019 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Kristyn Hewitt to tell us about “Lake Goddess,” which received first place in our People & Families category.

When and where did you take the photo?
This picture was taken on July 2 at Kingswood Park in Minnetrista.

What kind of camera did you use?
I used my Canon 5D Mark III with my Canon 70-200 mm lens.

What’s your favorite thing about the image?
My model, Josie, is a friend of my oldest daughter. She is an excellent makeup artist. I told her I would love to photograph her one day. She was game. I went to Goodwill, looking for a dress that I didn’t care if it got ruined. I ended up finding the perfect dress for $6.99. I used weeds from Lake Minnetonka and fishing line to create the headdress. I told Josie my idea and she came up with the makeup idea for the shoot. She chose one of her favorite spots that wouldn’t be too crowded for the shoot. We were the only ones at this portion of the park. We both ended up getting very wet, which she didn’t mind. And I’ll do anything to get the shot! I loved how my idea came to life and turned out just how I imagined. It helps when you have a beautiful subject!


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