Snowy Cardinal Endures Minnesota Winter

by | Mar 2019

2018 Lens on Lake Minnetonka honorable mention Snowy Cardinal

Photo: Ann Beadle-Reinitz

A bird perches for a rest on a snowy day.

Each month, we feature one of the winning photos from our 2018 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. This month, we asked photographer Ann Beadle-Reinitz to tell us about “Snowy Cardinal,” which received an honorable mention in the Wildlife & Nature category.

When and where did you take the photo?
I took this photo out my patio door on my back deck in Mound, in late 2017.

What kind of camera did you use?
I used a Nikon D500 with a Tamron 150-600 mm lens.

What’s your favorite thing about the image?
My mum and I have always loved cardinals and other birds, and I liked how the bird’s colors popped against the snowy background.

What’s your photography background?
I started with a Nikon camera, just as a hobby, and then I took my first class at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Then I took four classes from the NYIP [New York Institute of Photography]. After that, I fell in love with photography, capturing a moment in time that will never happen again. I love the smiles on people’s faces my photos can bring…Nothing can replace how that makes me feel. I would love to make this my full-time job one day.

Submit your photos in August to our 2019 Lens on Lake Minnetonka contest.  


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