Lily Pad Leap

by | Aug 2022

Two kids jumping onto a lily pad float in the lake.

Lisa Tomassen

Sheer joy is frozen in time during hot summer day.

“The moment captured in this photo is sheer joy and a perfect reflection of happy childhood memories in the making …

“This photo was taken on June 5, right in the thick of the heat wave that kickstarted summer 2021. We escaped the heat by spending it on the lake for much of the day, and even though this photo was taken well after 8 p.m., the kids still couldn’t get enough of leaping off the boat onto the wobbly [Aqua Lily Pad] and crashing into the chilly lake water (over and over again!).” —Lisa Tomassen, Tonka Bay

Photographer: Lisa Tomassen
Title: Lily Pad Leap
Location: Lake Minnetonka (Carson Bay)
Equipment: iPhone
First Place: People and Families


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