Losing Your Hair? Revamped Minnetonka Salon Nedia Brushes Shame Aside

by | Jan 2020

A stylist at Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa works on a patient's hair.

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa provides a safe and welcome space for hair loss treatment.

Minnetonka’s Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa is a newly reopened space that specializes in natural beauty for those with hair loss. Formerly known as Fantasia Salon and Hair Loss Center, Nedia reopened in August and is a place where stylists with more than 150 combined years of experience work on giving the best to their clients. Services include hair consultations and care for those with hair thinning or hair loss, haircuts, styling and coloring, as well as nail and skin treatments. It’s a place where they want the community to feel welcome, comfortable and beautiful.

Owner Alisa Halek-Schoenack has been in the business for 24 years now, constantly creating and developing new ways to make an impact in the community. When her husband, co-owner Aaron Halek-Schoenack, told her about the space opening up across the parking lot from his office in late 2018, she knew she had her chance to do something inspiring.

“Having the ability to have a space like this is very important. That’s why I got into this; I wanted to help make a difference,” Halek-Schoenack says.

With the help of assistant director Michelle Schumn and hair loss director Darla Smith, they created five private luxury hair-loss suites that are fully sound-proof and fulfill everything from a consultation and talking about using lasers to customizing and finding wigs that are tailored to the clients’ specific preferences.

The salon has two zones: a hair loss side and a salon side, where anyone can go for services including haircuts, shampooing, styling and coloring, as well as nail and skin treatments. There are two different waiting areas, too. For guests who might be coping with some big emotions or recent upheaval, the quieter waiting area is a nice touch.

On the hair loss side, stylists have thousands of wigs in their inventory that can be customized to cut, color and style, and they also create custom-fitted wigs for guests who don’t find a ready-made wig that is a 100-percent fit.

Nedia is currently partnered with brands like Love Your Melon and Davine’s to give their guests products that resonate with the mission of the salon.

The inspiration for the name Nedia came from Halek-Schoenack’s son Aiden (“Nedia” is “Aiden” spelled backward).

Plans for the salon’s future initiatives and offerings are still in the works. “The plans are unbelievable,” Smith says. They’d like to expand outside the Twin Cities and into other states as well. They want people to know of their services and evolving mission.

Nedia’s hair loss director Darla Smith puts some common hair-loss myths to rest for us:

Myth: If you are losing hair in only one to two areas, you need a wig.
“This is not true. If this happens, a hair loss specialist will provide multiple options for filling the thin areas or recommend solutions to fill it in. A full wig is if you have advanced hair loss and need your entire head covered.”

Myth: If you lose hair, you will need to wear “added hair” the rest of your life.
“Hair can sometimes grow back depending on the type of hair loss.”

Myth: The only place to get a wig is at a wig shop, picking one off the rack.
“You can purchase wigs online or come into a salon like Nedia and buy one from an experienced hair loss specialist. It depends on what your needs are, but there are options for personalized wig styling, fitting it to the shape of your head and customizing it to your facial features and skin tones.”

Nedia Hair Loss Salon & Spa
13540 Wayzata Blvd, Minnetonka


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